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Ground Mounted Solar Panels in Acton CA

What Are Ground Mounted Solar Panels?

One of the ways you can install solar energy in your business or home is through ground mounted solar panels. Ground solar panel installation simply means installing solar panels on the ground of your business or home.

While there are also different types of solar panels, we use Solar Photovoltaic systems. This is one of the most common types of solar energy system that most homeowners and commercial business use. And there’s a good reason behind that. Not only is this solar energy system renewable energy-green, non-polluting, and universal, but it also is very cost effective. With a Solar Photovoltaic system, electricity is produced straight from the sun!

Solar Photovoltaic systems can allow you to reduce your electricity bill by 40% – 80%, based on the size of the system and your typical electricity use. These systems are extremely beneficial for rooftop installations as they don’t take up too much space. So even if you have a modest rooftop size, you can benefit from solar photovoltaic systems to generate the maximum amount of energy.

While rooftop solar panels may be most common to an average home, there are many reasons as to why you should consider ground mounted solar panels instead. Overall, ground mounted solar panels do cost a bit more than simple rooftop solar panels, due to additional labor and other permits required for installation. However, if your property and type of roof isn’t ideal for rooftop installation, then you should definitely consider installing ground mounted solar panels as it will actually help you save additional money over time. In addition, please consider all the additional benefits we expand on.

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    What are the Advantages of Ground Mounted Solar Panels?

    When thinking about ground mounted solar panels in Acton CA especially, it is easy to forget that not only are you able to generate electricity but can also heat your water! With the addition of solar thermal devices, you are able generate solar- energy water which allows solar panels to be a beneficial energy source. This adds to the cost effectiveness of solar panels as you are using free energy generated from the sun.


    Just like everything else, the solar panels will require some adjustments and maintenance at some point. Having ground installation makes accessing the panel’s a breeze! All you have to do is walk over to the solar panels and begin. This also is helpful when you plan for more panel additions. As you have more space on the ground compared to the roof, you will be able to easily install more panels. Accessibility is also an important factor when first installing your solar energy panels as they tend to need some adjustments. You will be able to easily make adjustments to optimize the energy generated through the solar panels.

    Easy To Clean

    Another advantage of ground mounted solar panels is that they are extremely easy to clean. No need to worry about climbing on the roof to clean off debris that may have fallen during a rainstorm! You can easily walk over to ground mounted solar panels and clear up and clean your panels. Make sure that you’re getting the maximum energy produced by keeping your panel clear to soak up the sun.

    Stronger Overall

    Ground installation of solar panels is stronger overall. We dig a series of holes in order to create a concrete foundation for the solar panels. This provides the ground mounted solar panels with a strong foundation. Unlike rooftop panels, which could potentially be damaged by some harsh weather conditions, ground mounted solar panels will have a solid base.

    Higher Energy Output

    Unlike rooftop installation, ground mounted solar panels are able to be installed facing any direction. Since the panels are able to be placed in optimal areas, it is easier to maximize the energy that is generated through them. The panels are further from the sun when having the solar panels on the ground instead of the roof. Therefore, the panels will remain cooler and can provide a higher energy output. This is very beneficial during the months of the year where the sun is beaming down.

    Ground Mounted Solar Panels Are Long Lasting

    An advantage of ground mounted solar panels that also gets looked over many times, is that they are long lasting. Not only are they able to generate their energy from the sun which will be around for years, they won’t need to be moved as some of the rooftop solar panels will. Due to the Earth’s elements and age of the roof, some roofs might need to be replaced. This means that the solar panels installed on the roof will need to be moved. There’s no need to worry about that with ground installation! As they are on the ground, solar energy panels will be able to stay in the same location where they were installed for years.

    Environmentally Friendly

    It goes without saying that ground installation of solar energy panels is beneficial for the environment. Since solar panels generate their energy directly through the sun, there are no carbon emission disadvantages! Carbon emissions are used by many utilities to produce electricity and is harmful for the environment. You can rest assured that you played your part in protecting the planet!

    Why Come To Us For Ground Installation

    We’re all about affordable energy from our available solar panels. We ensure that you save on electricity by installing our panels, which pays for the entire installation within the next 4–6 years and leaving you with about 15 years of totally free electricity. By choosing solar, you’re not only choosing to save money, but you’re also helping to protect the environment. Adding solar panels to a home or even buying a house that already has solar panels translates into lower electricity costs. Solar panels will increase a home’s curb appeal on the market, similarly to homes with low property taxes.

    Our team acts as the contractor, designer, and salesperson for our solar power systems, which helps cut costs for any Ground Solar Panel Installation. SKR Solar is able to design systems that are right for you at the lowest price possible. Plus, our solar panels come with a 20-25 year manufacturer’s guarantee, and we perform all warranty work at no cost to you. Going solar has never before been easier. Our amazing team of experienced independent solar consultants will help you sort through your options. To see how much you can save, and for all other solar questions, request a free consultation today! There’s no obligation to purchase after the consultation.

    The Factors That Impact Ground Mounted Solar Panel Costs

    • How Much Free Electricity You Want to create – The bigger your solar system will be if you want it to create more free electricity. More manpower and equipment are required as a result, increasing expenses (albeit also increasing savings).
    • Additional Technology: Ground mounted solar panels can be set up as a tracking system or as a static structure. To position the solar panel to face the sun, tracking systems, also known as pole-mounted systems, make use of additional technologies. Throughout the day, as the sun moves across the sky, they will alter their direction. Although this increases productivity, it comes at an additional expense and can need more maintenance.
    • Brand of Solar Panels – The best solar panels frequently have higher efficiencies and come with industry-leading warranties. Mid-tier brands may not be as effective, but they can offer fantastic value.
    • Types Of Solar Panels – Solar panels can be divided into two basic categories: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Additionally, they come in a range of styles and sizes. All of these elements may affect how much your system costs.
    • Inverter Brand – The brand of inverters you choose is what transforms the DC power your solar system produces into usable AC electricity. Your choice of inverter brand will also affect how much your system will cost.
    • Type of Inverter(s): You can choose between three different types of solar inverters. String inverters, microinverters, and string inverters with power optimizers are your options.

    Learn More About SKR Solar

    SKR Solar is a contracting company in Acton, CA, that installs residential and commercial solar panels. Power your building with a sustainable energy source with the help of SKR Solar. We offer solar panel installation and planning for residential and commercial properties in Acton, California, and throughout the Southern California area. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of solar power today.

    Don’t wait any longer to see the benefits. Switch to solar energy panels today! Contact us to get a consultation.

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