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Solar Panels in Acton, California

Solar energy is derived from the sun’s radiation. The sun is a powerful energy source, and this energy source can be harnessed by installing solar panels. Did you know that the energy it provides to the Earth for one hour could meet the global energy needs for one year? However, we are able to harness only 0.001 percent of that energy.

There is a reason why solar has become a trending topic when talking about renewable energy. While it has been widely criticized for being expensive or not very efficient, solar energy has now proved to be extremely beneficial not only for the environment but also financially. Additionally, due to the higher demand, the technology has been improved considerably, turning into a significantly efficient source of clean energy.

Power your building with a sustainable energy source with the help of SKR Solar. We offer solar panel installation for residential and commercial properties in Acton, California, and throughout the Southern California area. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of solar power today.

Energy Consultations

When you’re ready to look into powering your home with solar power, contact us for a consultation. We will sit down with you to review your utility bills from the last year so we can determine how much electricity you’re actually using, and break down the cost of a solar power system that would work best for your home or business. Installations are limited based on the size of your building and/or property. At SKR Solar, we design systems to meet the needs of our client. And with hundreds of system variations there is no job too difficult. Our contractors take care of all the permits, handle the installation, and are available for future repairs.

Why Choose Solar Power?

Installing solar in your home is one of the best investments you can make. SKR Solar provides solar systems for less than what most people pay for utility-fed electricity. As electricity prices continue to rise, your savings will grow. Solar panels in Acton CA, use clean power and emit no pollution or greenhouse gasses. By choosing solar, you’re not only choosing to save money, you’re also helping to protect the environment. At SKR Solar, we can design any system to fit your property. During our consultation, we will evaluate to see which installation option fits best with your property. The 2 options we offer are:

Rooftop Installation

Keep your lights on without putting the environment out with residential and commercial solar panels in Acton CA, from SKR Solar. We offer rooftop installations, tying the panels into your building’s electrical system in just a few days.

Ground Mount Installation

SKR Solar is also able to install ground mounts as long as there is adequate non-shaded space. We dig a series of holes then create a concrete foundation to give your panels a solid base.

Benefits Of Solar Panels In Acton CA

Solar Electricity Makes Your Home Go Off-the-Grid

The decrease in the cost of solar panels in Acton CA, serves as a great example of why there should be an increase in the use of solar energy. Traditional electricity relies heavily on fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. Not only are they bad for the environment, but they are also limited resources. This translates into a volatile market, in which energy prices alter throughout the day.

Save Money With Solar Panels In Acton CA

Everyone wants to save money, right? A solar electric, or photovoltaic (PV) system may be the answer. The Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act of 1978 (PURPA) requires power providers to purchase excess power from grid-connected small renewable energy systems at a rate equal to what it costs the power provider to produce the power itself. This means that any excess energy your PV system produces can actually put money into your pocket. The greatest benefit for homeowners is through net metering. With this arrangement, a bi-directional meter is used to record the electricity your home pulls from the grid, as well as the excess energy your PV system produces. At the end of the month, if you are in the black energy-wise, the utility will pay you retail price for that extra electricity.

Protect The Planet 

At least for the next 5 billion years or so while the sun still shines, solar energy is a renewable resource. This means that you can use as much of the sun’s energy as you like and it won’t deplete it as a resource. Processing solar energy does not release carbon emissions, unlike coal, which many utilities use to produce electricity. According to the EPA, the average American household produces 6.8 metric tons of greenhouse gas emission from electricity each year. By using solar energy to power your home, greenhouse gas emissions from electricity could decrease considerably.

Wondering what option is best for you? Check out our blog about the Pros and Cons of each.

Contact us to learn more information about using solar power and how a solar power system from SKR Solar can benefit your home or business today!.

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