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What Is My System’s Solar Energy Output?

What Is My System’s Solar Energy Output?

One of the top questions we get here at SKR Solar is how much our clients’ solar panels produce in terms of energy. While customers’ needs may vary, thier system’s solar energy output depends on what panels they have purchased.

Most solar panels have an output of 250-435 Watts, which produces over 550 kWh of energy a year. Kilowatt-hours (kWh) are the units of measurement for energy and electricity. The average home uses over 10,000 kWh of energy a year, which solar systems quickly supply.

What Is a System’s Solar Energy Output?

A solar system produces over 15,000 kWh of power, which is more than enough to meet a home’s energy needs. A 30-panel solar system usually produces this kind of energy output. This solar system gathers the necessary amount of energy in just five to six hours of sunshine.

In California, five or more hours of direct sunlight is easy for homeowners to obtain. This sunshine allows them to maximize the output of their solar system. These solar systems produce more energy than the average home needs, meaning extra energy is available for battery or short-term storage.

Why Is Wattage So Important?

Wattage estimates the solar system’s potential production; it is a hypothetical value based on ideal temperature, sunlight, and atmospheric conditions in a local area. This measurement gives homeowners a good idea of their system’s overall output. It also directly influences the price of solar panels, as higher wattage usually leads to an increase in price. 

Wattage is essential to a solar system because it provides homeowners with the energy output they need to power their homes. 

What Influences Wattage?

Size and power output can influence a solar system’s total wattage. Some systems might be more extensive than others, influencing their overall output more than their efficiency or energy output. Solar efficiency has become more desirable than solar panel size, so most models nowadays tend to be smaller but more efficient overall.

Many homeowners prefer to install smaller, more efficient panels on their homes since they only have a limited amount of roof space to work with at a time. Thankfully, there are highly efficient solar panels that homeowners can take advantage of now. These panels allow homeowners to save roof space, all while maximizing their efficiency.

Need To Know What Wattage Works Best?

If you want help determining your system’s solar energy output, our team at SKR Solar would be happy to help. We have plenty of experience helping homeowners find the perfect solar setup for their homes and businesses.

We understand that our customers have both space and energy output concerns, which is why we are dedicated to best helping them with their solar needs. SKR Solar is a NABCEP Certified Solar Installation Professional, so we are here to help homeowners determine their solar needs.

We love helping homeowners find their perfect solar system, which can help them turn plentiful sunshine into energy and savings. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you might have, so connect with us today!

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