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The Future Of Electricity

The Future Of Electricity

There are many people who question what the future of electricity will be and there are also a lot of differing opinions of what it could be. But it isn’t hard to factor in the fact it will be solar power. While solar power as a whole is a relatively new concept that just means there are endless things that can still be added to the concept of solar power to make it just that much better. Not only is it a clean alternative power source but it also has untapped potential. In fact, the sun emits so much energy every second it can satisfy the electrical needs of every human for over 2 hours. And with more research and development into solar energy means tapping into this reserve of energy. It also is becoming more cost-effective and efficient in comparison to alternative sources of energy. In fact, within the last 20 years, the cost of production for the energy cells itself has slowly been decreasing. And the soft costs have also been going down especially with the number of solar panel specialists that have been diving into the field of solar power. The main reason for their popularity among the masses is the positive effects they have on the environment and with time they will not only engineer even better versions of solar panels that are that much better but they will also release new panels that are that much better for the environment as well. In 2018 solar-generated 1.5% of all of the electricity in the united states and it is projected to only keep growing year by year which not only means we have a safer source of electricity but it also means there will be more research in perfecting and inventing new solar panel systems. You should keep in mind the life span of solar panels is approx. 25-30 years though at the current state of them. But as we learn more about them we can expect an influx of new data and experiments to not only extend their lifespan but to increase the amount of solar power that is captured by each power cell. Another reason why they are such an attractive alternative to normal power is due to the fact they take very little maintenance to maintain and own. Due to the fact they are durable and that most solar panel companies have lifetime warranties on their solar panels, there is no real reason to worry about maintaining your solar panels. A big reason that northern states aren’t as on board with the idea of solar power is the winter months but the great thing about solar panels is they will even work through snow, that is not a factor at all when it comes to how well they work. They are a very viable source of alternative energy that even at this current time save money and help the environment. But the reason they are the future of electricity is that if they are performing this well even now just imagine how well they will be performing a decade from now. If you are ready to take that first step reach out to us now for a consultation.

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