Solar Panel Installation Based in Acton, California

Power your building with a sustainable energy source with the help of SKR Solar. We offer solar panel installation for residential and commercial properties in Acton, California, and throughout the SoCal area. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of solar power today.

Energy Consultations

When you’re ready to look into solar power, contact us for a consultation. We sit down with you to review

your utility bills from the last year, determine how much electricity you’re using, and break down the cost of a solar power system that would work for you. Installations are limited based on the size of your building and property. Residential systems usually offer 10-kilowatts.

Rooftop Installation

Keep your lights on without putting the environment out with residential and commercial solar panels from SKR Solar. We offer rooftop installations, tying the panels into your building’s electrical system in just 1–3 days. Our contractors take care of all the permits, handle the installation, and are available for future repairs.

Ground Mount Installation

SKR Solar is also able to install ground mounts as long as there is adequate non-shaded space. We dig a series of holes then create a concrete foundation to give your panels a solid base.

Contact us to obtain more information about using solar power today.