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Solar Panel Cleaning – Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Solar Panel Cleaning – Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Don’t Use Soap!

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning is vital to keep your panels looking and working great. Don’t rush up to your roof with a bucket of soap, though! Soap may be great for cleaning hands, but it’s not recommended for solar panel cleaning. Even water alone is better than soapy water. Some people may use vinegar or deionized water to assist in the cleaning process. You can also use specialized solar panel cleaning solutions. A popular choice is Polywater SPW, Solar Panel Wash.

Soap often leaves residue behind and can create a filmy build-up on your solar panels. This not only looks ugly but can hinder your panels’ ability to absorb the sun’s energy. You know, the whole point of their existence? For this reason, you want to use a solution that will clean your solar panels and leave nothing behind.

It’s counterproductive to clean the dust off your panels only to leave residue behind. This residue also makes it easier for dust particles to attach themselves in the future. You are setting a trap for yourself!

Don’t Leave Solar Panel Cleaning to Nature!

Solar Panel Cleaning

You may be asking yourself, “Can’t I let the rain do the work?” While the rain may help keep your panels clean, it is not a final solution. First of all, rain is unpredictable and inconsistent. This is especially true in a dry state like California. Haven’t you heard the song “It Never Rains In Southern California”?

Even if the rain does come to wash the dirt away, it is likely to accumulate along the bottom of your solar panel array. Now, all that dust sits together, blocking the sun from reaching your panels.Once the rainwater evaporates, it leaves behind everything it brought along with it. This includes dirt and pollen. None of these are good for solar energy transmission.

Rain still presents an opportunity when it does arrive. The rain can give you a bit of a headstart if you attend to solar panel cleaning after it has fallen. After rainfall, you can go up and scrub your panels, making sure the rainwater isn’t pooling up. If your panels sit flat, or close to flat, rainwater has a much higher chance of pooling up. You’ll want to get up there to scrub, rinse and dry to keep those panels working their best.

Don’t Be Too Aggressive!

Solar Panel Cleaning

If, by now, you are all hyped up for some solar panel cleaning, don’t get overzealous. Haste makes waste, as they say. It’s no different when it comes to solar panel cleaning. Remember, the point of solar panel cleaning is to help your solar panels work better. If you damage or scratch them during the cleaning process, you are doing more harm than good.

If you are scrubbing, be sure to only use clean water. Don’t rinse your mop or scrubber in the same bucket as your cleaning solution. If you do this, you’re putting the dirt you “cleaned off” right back onto your panels. If you’ve ever mopped a floor, you likely know what we’re talking about.

Beyond dirtying your panels, these dirt particles can also scratch the glass. Again, the point of this is to help your panels work better. Scratched glass can diffuse the light coming into the panels, hurting their efficiency. Keep these things in mind, and take care when cleaning your solar panels.

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