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Can All Homes Get Solar Panels?

Can All Homes Get Solar Panels?

The short answer is yes, all homes can get solar panels. There are many ways to install solar panels with or without mounting them on your rooftop. Ground mount solar installations are one common way to access power from the sun. Another common way is community solar gardens.
Ground mount solar installs typically tend to cost more than a rooftop solar system. If your property doesn’t have the capability to run a rooftop system then the ground mount solars will save you money in the long run. A ton of factors come into play when looking to see if you can fit a solar panel on your roof. Some examples are the angle, way the house is facing, chimney location, skylights, etc. But with ground-mounted solar panels, can be placed wherever the conditions are ideal.

Invest in a Community Solar Garden

A Community Solar Garden is another common option for getting solar energy when your rooftop doesn’t fit the bill. This form of getting energy is a solar power plant whose electricity is shared by more than one person or property. The purpose of this is to allow members of a community to share the benefits of power even if they can’t install panels on their property. This form also costs less in utility payments, so you’d be saving money. A Community Solar Garden allows people to be able to go solar even if they currently don’t own a property or roof that can have panels installed.

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