Residential & Commercial Solar Panels from Acton, California

About Us

SKR Solar is a contracting company in Acton, California, that installs residential and commercial solar panels for customers throughout Southern California.

Solar Panel Installation

Switch to solar power the easy way by calling SKR Solar. We offer solar panel installation for properties throughout Southern California.

Free Energy

At SKR Solar, we’re all about affordable energy. The amount you save on electricity by installing our panels pays for the entire installation within the next 4–6 years, leaving you with about 15 years of totally free electricity.

Affordable Installations

We act as the contractor, designer, and sales person for our solar power systems, which helps cut costs. So, SKR Solar is able to design systems that are right for you at a low price. Plus, our solar panels come with a 20- to 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee, and we perform all warranty work at no cost to you.

Contact us to obtain more information about using solar power today.