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September 6, 2019
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10 Questions To Ask Before Considering Installing Solar Panels

Installing Solar Panels

Installing Solar Panels

Purchasing solar panels for your house is a major advance. In spite of the fact that there are numerous interesting points before installing solar panels, they are no longer only for cutting edge futurists. The rest of the world has finally caught up — actually, last year a new solar establishment went online in the U.S. at regular intervals! In the event that you’ve been thinking about adding a solar panel system to your home or business, here are a few questions to ask about solar panels before beginning.

Regardless of whether you go over these yourself or book a consultation for a solar energy expert to assess your current home or business, you should remember these questions:

Will your rooftop support solar panels?

This is one of the most significant contemplations before you proceed with your solar panel installation. In the event that your rooftop is harmed and needs repair, or if it’s old and will require a replacement within the following couple of years, it’s ideal to take fix those before proceeding with Installing Solar Panels. Subsequently, you won’t need to pay the additional expenses to destroy the framework and after that re-introduce it after these issues have been tended to.

Since the solar panels will increase the amount of weight on your rooftop, your rooftop must be structurally sound enough to hold that weight. It’s essential to have a solar expert assess your rooftop to decide if it will require extra support.

Is Your Rooftop The Correct Shape And Type?

When we consider rooftops, most of us envision a standard peak rooftop, which is formed by two inclining sides that meet in a point at the top. This is the most widely recognized rooftop type we see on current structures. In any case, rooftops come in every extraordinary shape and size — level, mono-pitched shed or shelter, curved, pyramid or hip, Mansard, dormer, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Each rooftop surface must be assessed for adequate space to oblige solar panels. These rooftop types likewise have various degrees of pitch, which can influence the panel’s introduction to the sun and therefore your energy yield.

Which Heading Does The Slant Of Your Rooftop Face?

Your solar panels resemble sponges for the sun. The more light they get, the more energy you produce consequently. Be that as it may, if your rooftop isn’t confronting the sun, your panels won’t have the option to create the maximum amount of energy. To capitalize on your installation, it is ideal to put the solar panels on a south-bound rooftop surface. The pieces of your rooftop that face west can likewise be a great contender for solar panels and relying upon the pitch and azimuth of your rooftop, solar panels can once in a while even be introduced on the east or north-bound rooftop surfaces.

How Efficient Is Your home?

In addition to assessing the state of your rooftop, you ought to likewise consider the energy efficiency of your home. In the event that you have an older HVAC, inadequate insulation, or windows and entryways that aren’t appropriately sealed, it might be more financially savvy to make energy efficiency upgrades to your home before installing solar panels. By lessening your energy usage first, you can introduce a smaller framework and improve your overall recompense.

How Would You Connect To The Grid?

Whenever you interconnect a distributed generation energy system with the grid, there are some regulatory logistics to consider. It’s imperative to know how the utility functions in your general vicinity. Here are a few questions to pose:

How long will it take to get hooked up?

Is it accurate to say that you are in charge of paying any fees?

By what means will you be credited for the generated electricity?

How long will it take to be credited for your created power?


There are numerous sorts of solar panels, and they are known for being solid and enduring. All things considered, realize that you’re covered on the off chance that anything ought to occur during their lifetime. Warranties, which for the most part cover equipment and production execution, vary by manufacturer. In addition, there are various parts associated with your system, for example, the inverter, observing equipment and programming, and even the racking, that might be secured under separate warranties by different organizations.

A run of the mill business guarantee ensures that the panels will create at 80% of the evaluated power following 20 years of utilization. The most far reaching guarantee, offered by SunPower, covers all parts and work for the whole framework for a long time, just as a 92 percent generation ensure following 25 years.

Check with your solar organization to guarantee that they offer a solid guarantee and will support your system for nothing without a problem. You ought to likewise ask what befalls your guarantee if the manufacturer is acquired or sooner or later leaves business. U.S. publicly traded companies are required to keep up a hold for warranty assurance, while different organizations may offer warranty protection plans. With regards to guarantees, it generally pays to ask questions and read the fine print!

Will You Exploit Refunds And Other Financial Incentives?

There are many variables that impact your all out solar board establishment cost, including the size of your arrangement, your energy utilization, and your service organization’s net metering policies. Fortunately, solar rebates can definitely lessen the overall expense.

The government is ready for solar energy and offers incentives to any individual who outfits this spotless, sustainable form of energy. The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a 30 percent tax credit for residential and business properties through December of 2019. The rate diminishes gradually every year, dropping to 26 percent in 2020, at that point to 22 percent in 2021, lastly to 10 percent in 2022. In this way, the sooner you complete your solar panel installation, the more you’ll save overall.

What Amount Of Energy Do You Use?

Extra cost components you’ll need to consider are identified with your energy utilization:

How much energy you expend now — The greater power you use, the more prominent the reserve funds and restitution from a solar board establishment.

Regardless of whether that use will increment or abatement later on — If you are wanting to place in a pool, buy an electric vehicle, or add to your family, your power utilization will go up.

How your use changes from month to month consistently — Electricity utilization ordinarily tops during the sweltering summer because of the higher cooling load as we attempt to remain cool.

Chat with your solar temporary worker to plan a solar board establishment that can best suit your energy needs consistently, considering utility net metering strategies, and expand your general investment funds.

What Sort Of Solar Establishment Will You Pick?

In case you’re in the market for private solar panels, you can browse a standard rooftop establishment, a ground-mounted framework, or a solar parking space. It just relies upon what you lean toward dependent on your energy needs, structure tasteful, and measure of accessible space. Remember that

It is additionally imperative to realize that not every solar board are made equivalent. Do your exploration on the best solar panels, and make certain to solicit your solar installer what type from equipment they will use on your home.

10. Will My HOA Have Explicit Rules To Pursue?

The uplifting news about HOAs and solar panels is that numerous states — have announced it unlawful for an HOA to deny mortgage holders the privilege to have solar panels on their home. All things considered, some HOAs may have confinements as to measuring and position of those panels, so it’s ideal to check first before you start the procedure. In the event that you experience opposition, check with a solar installer to see whether they will help advocate for you with your HOA.

Since you’ve looked over your solar FAQs, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin producing a lifetime of perfect, reasonable energy! At SKR Solar, we know it’s essential to work with an organization you can trust. As the best private solar supplier in California, we’ve equipped a large number of homes with solar board establishments. There’s a motivation behind why such a significant number of property holders, just as business organizations like Whole Foods and Office Depot, are so content with our quality establishments and our cordial, accommodating installers. We need you to be our next happy customer — contact us today for a free discussion, and go along with us in the solar revolution!

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